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Integration Emphasis

Implementing and utilizing core LIMS functionality to replace existing manual/paper methods or aging LIMS technology can provide significant benefits to the effectiveness of the laboratory by streamlining work flow and automating previously manual operations. But even more benefits are available when the LIMS is viewed in the context of the entire enterprise, and used as an enabler to optimizing performance across the organization's array of systems and functions. Blaze Systems brings a depth of background in systems integration as well as LIMS technology to your LIMS project that allows us to view it in the context of the enterprise and deliver a LIMS that not only fits seamlessly within your infrastructure, but also enhances the entire business performance by opening the way to significant organizational change. For starters, all Blaze Systems software modules are fully integrated with each other and with core LIMS functionality. In addition, we provide integration with or interfaces to other enterprise systems (e.g. SAP, PI, IP21, etc.). Let us bring an integration emphasis and associated performance breakthroughs to your LIMS project.