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Who We Are

At one level, the question of who we are at Blaze Systems can be answered by summarizing the products and services we offer, which is done elsewhere on this web site. But these are more the effects of who we are than the causes. Who we are is better answered by describing our mission, ethos and emphasis.

Our corporate mission is to be the premier supplier of total LIMS solutions that enhance customer enterprise performance. "Every installation a success" is our measure of achievement.

Our ethos is to deliver and support well-engineered systems that fit the customer’s needs, which is the very definition of quality. We succeed at this because we bring a unique blend of "engineering" skills and mind set, a deep background and skill set in information systems technology and in the creation of enterprise applications, and a real heart for the customer's success.

Our emphasis is the success of our customer's business, achieved by adding value. This can be as simple as achieving efficiencies of automation. But it is more dramatic when we help to optimize the entire supply chain by delivering superior integration and streamlined operation.

We have demonstrated who we are to Fortune 100 companies and small contract labs alike. No matter who you are, if you have a laboratory, we invite you to engage us in evaluating the breakthrough benefits you can achieve with Blaze Systems' products and services.