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Regulations in the food and pharmaceutical industries have strict Product Shelf Liferequirements for demonstrating the shelf life of products.  To accomplish this, laboratories conduct studies that track the properties of production lots or development batches under various storage conditions and packaging, over time periods of months or even years. This requires a tedious data intensive effort, and the penalty for inadvertent errors can jeopardize the validity of months of testing. BlazeStability organizes, executes, tracks and manages all aspects of shelf life studies so as to save labor and testing costs, reduce errors, and allow more comprehensive coverage of products and lots.

BlazeStability establishes, tracks and manages the following, organizing the information in consistent, clear and easy to configure structures:

  • Studies for each lot/batch being monitored
  • Protocols including variations on storage conditions, packaging, storage orientation
  • Storage location management and tracking
  • Draw and testing schedules
  • Results and statistical analysis

Features include:

  • Barcode labeling of storage containers, samples and storage locations for positive identification throughout
  • Sampling/Testing driven calculations of storage requirements with allowances for re-tests and retains
  • Draw schedules with rules and slack to avoid weekends, holidays, high workload times, etc.
  • Autologging of samples for testing draws
  • Notifications for approaching draws
  • Comprehensive reports of all aspects of the studies for fast review and results summary


  • Templates for ease of creation of new studies
  • Continuous calculations of current and required inventory provide labor savings and cost savings by reducing costly stored product to a minimum
  • Draw schedules with sparely populated testing to save unnecessary lab costs
  • Highly flexible containerization for various packaging and storage protocols
  • Early warning of off-track results to allow refinement and salvaging of studies , or abandonment before unproductive testing
  • Highly flexible on-the-fly modifications to existing protocols schedules with labor saving copy featuresBlazeStability Architecture





  • Superior integration with BlazeInventory, BlazeLIMS, BlazeStatistics, and BlazeLink, but also available as a stand-alone application.