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The successful implementation of a modern LIMS requires a team effort and the availability and proper and effective use of the right resources at the right times. For every project, this involves bringing to bear a unique mix of customer and supplier resources or services. Blaze Systems offers the services that will insure an effective implementation:

  • Installation - planning and execution to insure a proper and effective installation of the LIMS within the customer IT infrastructure and support system.
  • Project Management and Technical Oversight - planning, coordination and oversight to insure the proper administration and execution of the implementation project.
  • Training - configuration, report definition, systems support and user training, tailored to the specific needs, resources, tasks and goal of the project.
  • Configuration Assistance - assistance in developing an overall configuration approach and in carrying out the configuration process as needed to insure optimum performance and lowest life cycle costs of the system.
  • Data Migration - transforming and loading legacy configuration or history data.
  • Validation - developing and executing validation plans and scripts to provide complete IQ,OQ,PQ validation.
  • Instrument Integration - analyzing instrument infrastructure, designing an instrument integration system, installing and configuring BlazeLIMS, and other tasks associated with providing a complete and working instrument integration system.
  • Customization - where customization is justified to provide added value and a more effective system, provides complete software development life cycle execution to deliver customizations the meet customer needs.
  • Continuous Improvement - where LIMS enhancements are needed to capitalize on a new business opportunity, assist the customer in developing an executing a plan for improvement, whether it involves simply upgrading to a new release of BlazeLIMS, or a mini-project to provide enhanced functionality.