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Blaze Systems offers a comprehensive suite of LIMS and LIMS related products to provide for the full range of customer needs, from a basic LIMS through a comprehensive enterprise wide LIMS with extensions and integration to other supply chain systems. All Blaze Systems products are fully integrated with each other and core LIMS functionality for a seamless and powerful operating environment. This, along with our services offerings, qualifies us to by your total LIMS solution both now and into the future. Blaze Systems products are:

  • BlazeLIMS: Full featured LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) suitable for the medium to large enterprise.
  • BlazeLink: Comprehensive instrument interfacing to automate your data capture, including both uni and bi-directional control for conventional, specialized and clinical instrumentation.
  • BlazeInventory: Inventory management suitable for laboratory reagents/consumables and enterprise inventory for raw materials, products, etc. Fully integrated with LIMS functions.
  • BlazeStability: Stability study management including study, protocol, sampling, reporting, statistics, etc. Fully integrated with LIMS functions.
  • Integrated Solutions Suite: A set of extensions and integration with external systems capable of delivering on your solution suite needs.