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BlazeLink Instrument Interfacing

BlazeLink MiddlewareBlazeLink is a powerful, user-configurable, laboratory interfacing middle ware that integrates diverse laboratory systems (instruments, LIMS, ELN, SDMS, CDS, etc.), providing interchange of information associated with testing requests and testing results. Elimination of tedious and error prone manual transcription processes can provide 20-40% labor savings for many laboratories. Typical payback is less than 6 months.



Individual brands and models of laboratory systems have unique transport, protocol, data representation, and information format and content, especially when legacy systems are considered. BlazeLink connects these systems seamlessly by resolving these differences, as well as providing a guaranteed store and forward capability. 

Features Include:

  • Supports simple (e.g. balance, ph) or complex (e.g. GCMS, CDS) instruments via graphical configuration
  • Bidirectional capability to send runsheet's to instrument
  • Licensed based on the number of instruments for value pricing
  • Can run as unattended service
  • Can run as interactive process with operation intervention to provide sample identifiers, review data, etc. in display grid.
  • Multiple transports for networked, non-networked, simple or complex instruments
  • Translates values (e.g. analyte names) to resolve naming differences between systems
  • Backup file management
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant modes



  • BlazeLink ArchitectureResolves many-to-many integration complexity using translations to and from a neutral XML format.
  • Separates transport, translate and presentation into layers for high extensibility
  • Provides plug-ins for specialized instrument protocols (e.g. proprietary clinical, ASTM 1394, Bluehill)




  • BlazeLink Graphical ParsingSuperior graphical parsing setup and debugging for ease of configuration with simultaneous walk through of (1) graphical parsing steps (2) highlighting of current token being parsed (3) highlight of fields already captured, and (4) display of all field values.
  • Comprehensive configurable calculations and extensible parameter sets.