Paper/Office® Based Lab vs. BlazeLIMS Lab

Using paper and Microsoft Office® to track and manage laboratory operation is tedious, costly and time consuming, not to mention the errors and delays that inevitably occur due to un-calibrated equipment, expired reagents, untrained personnel, faulty transcriptions, etc. BlazeLIMS can eliminate these problems and delays by automating and improving processes and streamlining workflow.

LIMS, a Laboratory Information Management System, is software that laboratories use to automate lab information production and management. Labs that employ LIMS technology can see a 20-40 percent reduction in labor costs, in addition to reduced errors and more predictable and efficient turnaround and improved information sharing. Historically only the very large enterprise could afford a LIMS. BlazeLIMS has changed all that. It is Applicable to your lab, Affordable for even the small lab, Achievable with your lab resources, and provides significant Advantages to your enterprise.

Paper or Office® Based Laboratory vs LIMS Based Laboratory