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Why BlazeLIMS For Your Lab, Starting Today?

What makes BlazeLIMS the right choice for automating your laboratory and for getting started now? What differentiates BlazeLIMS from the other LIMS offerings in today's marketplace?

In a word, we make sure your BlazeLIMS installation succeeds in your lab, with your workflow and the resources you have for implementation and operation. Your success is assured because we offer a unique combination of five critical elements:

  • Feature Rich - BlazeLIMS is full featured and field proven, and so provides the functions and workflow processes you need, and protects you from high and unexpected customization costs, uncertainty, disappointing results, and compromised use and impact in your laboratory.
  • Effective Selection Process - Blaze Systems provides a comprehensive and personal acquisition engagement process that demonstrates that your requirement are met. We do this by configuring successive demos for your workflow, to the level of detail required for you to witness exactly how the LIMS will work in your laboratory. On top of that, we offer a free 60 day trial to drive out any remaining uncertainty.
  • Efficient Implementation - Blaze Systems offers an implementation process that is optimized to take into account your resources of personnel, time and money, leveraging the exchange of information and pre-configuration developed during the acquisition process. You can implement a running BlazeLIMS installation is as little as 5 weeks.
  • Support That Works - Blaze Systems provides superior, responsive and personal support to insure your continued success with BlazeLIMS.
  • Priced For Payoff - Our low cost insures affordability and 100% return on investment in less than a year for most labs. In addition, our hosted SaaS product provides a "pay as you go, pay as you save" approach that avoids up front infrastructure and licensing investment.

Our experience shows that no other LIMS vendor provides this kind of risk free achievable path to a LIMS that actually delivers its benefits.


How Will BlazeLIMS Benefit Your Lab?

Benefits will vary depending upon the particulars of your lab. Those using BlazeLIMS to replace paper or Microsoft Office® to manage their laboratories will see the most dramatic benefits. But every lab will benefit:

  • Save Labor and Rework - Automate repetitive operations such as logging samples, entering results, producing reports, logging instrument and reagent use, etc. will save labor and rework.
  • Reduce Errors and Improve Turnaround - Positive identification and tracking of samples, containers, reagents, standards, equipment, personnel, documents, etc. using barcode and other ELN functionality.
  • Comply With Regulations - Manage and enforce methods, sop's, calibrations, training, etc.
  • Improve Service and Performance - Share history for query, summary, performance metrics, etc.
  • Make Your List - Make a list of the improvements you can imagine and let us demonstrate the BlazeLIMS solutions.


Does BlazeLIMS Fit Your Lab?

BlazeLIMS will be effective for you because it targets the specific needs of your laboratory, based on industry, lab function and size. Look into the ways BlazeLIMS will excel in your particular lab:

Start Now and Find Out For Yourself

Don't just take our word for it. Start your risk free acquisition process now and find out for yourself:

  • Requires a minimal amount of your time and resources.
  • Incremental exchange of information and configured demos lead to a prototype of your LIMS system before you commit.
  • 60 day free trial for hands on-validation of suitability and appraisal of benefits, training, impact.
  • You work hard to make your manual or semi-automated processes deliver, but there is a much better way through automation. You have nothing to lose but your redundant, tedious, error prone manual processes for producing and using your laboratory data.