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BlazeLIMS In The Cloud

BlazeLIMS hosted Saas (Software as a Service) takes the flexible, full-featured, scalable LIMS functionality of BlazeLIMS to the cloud. With a minimal-footprint client installation on your desktop, you can access all the features of BlazeLIMS along with all the help you need to get up and running, with no hardware purchase, no IT resources required, and no long-term commitment. Plus you can try it today for zero initial cost or obligation and prove it to yourself. A detailed spec sheet is available.

Why Now?

  • Hosted SaaS delivery is a revolution in delivery that makes LIMS practical and affordable to labs that previously could not justify the acquisition costs and effort required by the conventional delivery model.
  • Labs that seize the moment will leapfrog past their competition and their former performance metrics, while saving more than the monthly service fee.
  • Is it important to improve in everything you do, faster than the competition?
  • Are resources scarce for operation, let alone for investigating and implementing improvements?
  • Does your capital budget rule out something the size of a traditional lab automation project?
  • Is your management skeptical of projects involving software, because of possible overruns and disappointing return?
  • Despite these barriers, automation of data management has the greatest potential for improving performance across the board for most labs.
  • Prove it to yourself first. With BlazeLIMS SaaS you can bypass the barriers and start today to revolutionize your operation

What's involved?

  • Sign up for your free 60 day trial and receive your access key to your private cloud server.
  • Download and install the non-intrusive BlazeLIMS Client using your access key.
  • Schedule and take the complementary 2 hour personal web training with a BlazeLIMS expert for a fast track introduction and start.
  • Use extensive help library and step-by-step videos for self-paced training while you configure and start using BlazeLIMS.
  • Contact the Blaze Systems hotline by phone or e-mail for help.
  • Configure representative testing and sample types and dry run their operation.
  • After 30 days, you can review your progress and questions in a 1 hour session with a BlazeLIMS expert in order to fine tune the process..
  • After 60 days, you can review your findings and conclusions in a 1 hour session with a BlazeLIMS expert in order to make a more informed decision.
  • Sign up to continue use, or discontinue trial.
  • Convert to in-house and/or license cost model at any time if you choose.

What's the cost?

  • Pays for itself if you achieve only a 2% time savings. Actual time savings can be as high as 40%..
  • Concurrent user monthly price: 1 user $350, 2 users $600, 5 users $900, 10 users $1,400, additional users above 10 @$100 per month.
  • Invoiced monthly, payment by check or PayPal.
  • Month to month, no long term contract.
  • Annual hotline incidents: 1-5 users - 15, 6-10 users - 30, 10-20 users - unlimited. Additional usage $200 per incident.

Does BlazeLIMS SaaS fit my Laboratory Function and Industry?

Review ASTM Specs for LIMS

When it comes to features, a review of the BlazeLIMS functional specs, a document patterned after the ASTM E1578 Functional Requirements Checklist, will show that BlazeLIMS is fully featured and on a par or more comprehensive than the industry leaders. What you cannot see at the functional spec level but will learn in your free trial is this: BlazeLIMS functions are deeper and richer than the competition, eliminating customization, and making a SasS offering a viable long term solution.

Compare BlazeLIMS SaaS with Office tools

The fact is that Office and legacy applications are obsolete and ineffective as laboratory data management tools, characterized by:

  • Tedious, manual, multi-step error prone transcriptions requiring checking.
  • Incomplete and out-of-date picture of backlog, equipment, personnel, methods, reagents.
  • Naming and cataloging inconsistencies – lack of data integrity, complex, hard to maintain chemistry calculations embedded in personal productivity tools.
  • Multiple redundant copies of “the truth”.
  • Not readily shareable.
  • Difficult to collect history.
  • No audit trail of data changes.
  • Difficult to control evolution and application of embedded business rules consistently.

BlazeLIMS automates and solves all these issues while providing end-to-end service chain streamlining and efficiencies associated with sample, resource and workflow management.

Blaze and You. A good match?

When you participate in our 60 day trial, you will be learning a lot about LIMS and about BlazeLIMS in particular. But much more importantly, you will be learning about Blaze Systems as a quality supplier, providing everything you need to succeed.

Our corporate mission is to be the premier supplier of total LIMS solutions that enhance customer enterprise performance. "Every installation a success" is our measure of achievement.

Our ethos is to deliver and support well-engineered systems that fit the customer’s needs, which is the very definition of quality. We succeed at this because we bring a unique blend of "engineering" skills and mind set, a deep background and skill set in information systems technology and in the creation of enterprise applications, and a real heart for the customer's success. We view every customer call or e-mail as an opportunity to contribute to the success of that customer's business.

We have demonstrated who we are to Fortune 100 companies and small contract labs alike. But you don't have to take our word for it. You can find out for yourself during your 60 day trial. We will not let you down.