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BlazeInventory is a software module which provides a general purpose inventory tracking capability.  In addition, BlazeInventory is fully integrated with the functionality of BlazeLIMS EnterprisePlus so that samples may be stored in inventory or drawn from inventory, and reagents and expendables used in processing samples may also be tracked.  BlazeInventory provides a rich and highly flexible system which can handle a broad range of inventory applications.

BlazeInventory tracks the complete life cycle of materials from ordering through receipt, quarantine, release, use, shelf life expiration and disposal, providing audit trails and traceability for all usage.  Vendor and user lot numbers are tracked and available for analysis and reporting.  Bar coding is also supported to facilitate operation of the system and insure validity of transactions. Material quantities at multiple levels may be tracked, with notification to the appropriate person(s) when levels reach high or low limits.  Freeze and thaw cycles are also counted and compared to limits.  Material formulations may be created, in which case a complete pedigree of all ingredients is maintained.

BlazeInventory storage locations may be defined in a storage hierarchy with up to five levels of containers within containers, with each container having up to five dimensions of pigeon holes.  For example, a three level hierarchy might be:

BlazeInventory Storage Hierarchy

Storage locations may be constrained to allow the storage of a set of pre-determined types of items and to prevent mixing item types in a location. Storage items or entire containers along with their contents may be relocated at any level in the hierarchy with a single operation.  For example, when a Box is relocated, all its vials are also automatically relocated.

Material types may be configured along with hazard and physical properties information to provide a ready reference to operating personnel.  Multiple documents (e.g. MSDS sheets) may be captured in any format and attached to the definitions for easy viewing.  Formulation ingredients may also be defined in terms of constituent materials and quantities. 
Various containers and combinations of container and material type may be defined.  Vendors and vendor contact information may be configured for use in purchasing materials.

BlazeInventory provides multiple levels of security to allow the assignment of particular operations to individuals at the appropriate level of responsibility.  In addition, materials may be isolated by inventory area as to who may create, reference and use them. All operations are logged in an audit trail to insure traceability.  Forced comments may be specified for the various transactions that occur.  Messages describing events or conditions that require attention are routed via e-mail to the appropriate responsibility parties.

The integration of BlazeInventory with BlazeLIMS EnterprisePlus allows samples to be stored in inventory when logged or at any desired time.  In addition, samples may be created using material from inventory.  In addition, both samples and aliquots may be prepped using materials from inventory, providing a complete record to insure traceability to origin and lot number, and insuring adequate supplies of sample and reagent materials.

A comprehensive set of Crystal Reports are provided to output summary and detailed inventory information.  The use of Crystal Reports and industry standard relational database technology provides an open system for report generation, so that new and improved reporting may be achieved by the user in a cost effective fashion on an on-going basis.