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Information Modeling / Data Model

It has long been recognized by professional developers of information management applications that the structure, organization and content of the application data was far more important than the code, screens or reports in insuring that the application achieves its objectives and is durable and lasting in the face of business and computer technology changes that occur over time. As a result, a science of data management evolved, in which data is modeled, designed and implemented using a rigorous methodology.

Blaze Systems uses modern data management methodologies to develop BlazeLIMS, including conceptual, logical and physical modeling and associated techniques. As a result BlazeLIMS data is well matched to the real world it is capturing and flexible in adapting to the diversity of that world.

Unfortunately, the quality of the data implementation that provides the foundation for any LIMS in most cases remains "under the covers", hidden from the view of the purchaser, who only indirectly experience either the pleasure or the pain that results from a good or bad data implementation. We urge the purchasers of LIMS systems to examine the data design at least as diligently and deliberately as they examine the other aspects of LIMS such as screens and reports. You can generally overcome limitations in screens and reports. A data design that does not fit your needs simply will not work.