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Implementation Methodology

It would be difficult to over emphasize the impact of implementation methodology on "Making It Work". This is driven by the reality that LIMS configuration and commissioning is most effectively provided by laboratory personnel already fully occupied. As a part of every BlazeLIMS installation, Blaze Systems executes an implementation methodology fine tuned to most effectively deal with this reality. It consists of the following steps:

  • Traditional project management methodology for schedules, due dates, communication, scope and change control, etc.
  • Project kickoff and lab survey to capture business objectives, key integration issues, business and laboratory parameters that drive key configuration decisions, and project participant roles, responsibilities and backgrounds.
  • Configuration training that is tailored to be optimal in the specific environment.
  • Provision of spreadsheet tools to simplify data collection and bulk loading.
  • Configuration assistance and follow-up that assures effective use of BlazeLIMS features from the beginning of the effort.
  • Applied report training including production of key reports and use of tools and techniques applicable to the unique environment.
  • "Just in time" application and use of training to minimize loss.
  • Effective and responsive hotline to streamline the learning process.
  • As part of the project, Blaze Systems performs the quick configuration tasks that require deep knowledge but are not likely to need repeating, while training the customer to perform configuration of the business data (methods, tests, equations, specs, etc.)
  • Blaze Systems can provide very cost effective data migration of both configuration and historical data to save substantial customer effort.
  • User training usually takes the form of "train the trainer" that is structured according to user task for most efficient rollout to the organization.
  • Blaze Systems is experienced in effective methods for transitioning to use of a new system.