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Lab Functions

It can be helpful to categories laboratories by the function they perform. A laboratory may fall under one or more of these categories, each of which has its own particular requirements for LIMS functionality. Blaze Systems has the LIMS products, features, expertise, experience and demonstrated track record required to provide superior LIMS installations for any of these functions:

Sampling and workflow are highly structured and optimized according to the requirements of the manufacturing supply chain, process, product, customer base, etc. Emphasis is on efficient, reproducible and rapid processing, effective delivery of results, specification management, advanced integration with other enterprise systems (ERP, Shop Floor Control, Process Control, etc.) and the customer support function, and conformance to manufacturing standards (ISO, etc.).

Work mix is ad-hoc and on demand, workflow is irregular and unpredictable and results often subjective. Emphasis is on effective communication of needs and results, managing scheduling and priorities, testing flexibility and sophistication, tracking study life cycle, capturing and delivering information in a wide variety of forms, and sophisticated archival storage and search.

Analytical services laboratories usually provide one or more of the functions described above. In addition they emphasize optimizing the responsiveness and accuracy of the complete analytical services supply chain, including quotation, order taking, testing execution, results delivery, invoicing and customer service.

Sampling may be a mix of highly structured or ad-hoc and driven by external dynamics that range from managed (environment monitoring) to unpredictable (emergency response). Emphasis is on secure chain-of-custody, data integrity, confidentiality, impartiality, demonstrably correct results, demonstrating and maintaining proficiency and standards compliance, and responsiveness.

Specialty labs vary widely. Examples are labs performing product manufacture (lab standards, radon kits, etc.), labs with highly specialized methodology (radiation, specialized imaging, etc.), labs which manage clinical trials, and more. Each specialty lab has an emphasis associated with its function.


In addition to the above, every laboratory exists in a unique environment with a potential for impacting the success of the enterprise in achieving its mission in unique ways, and with a particular set of effectiveness measures. Blaze Systems products and services are structured to optimize the impact of a LIMS installation within its unique environment.