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“We are very pleased with the way BlazeLIMS has met or exceeded our expectations in streamlining our lab and improving our ability to scale up to very high seasonal throughputs. We not only achieved our initial goals with BlazeLIMS but are also continually improving by employing additional features. BlazeLIMS provided the features we needed without the higher costs and uncertainties of customization. A key ingredient in our success has also been the superior hotline support provided by Blaze Systems.”
Carolyn Mayer, Laboratory Manager, New Season Foods

BlazeLIMS for Food And Beverage Industries

Laboratories serving the Food and Beverage industries are dominated by their status as an FDA regulatory domain. Emphasis is on regulatory compliance (GMP, GLP, 21CFR Part 11, etc.), validation status, full traceability, precise sample identification and tracking, documented and insured corrective actions, established and controlled methodology, reproducibility, accountability and tamper proof information.

BlazeLIMS provides all the features necessary to improve performance in the food and beverage industries. A few of the more important/applicable features of BlazeLIMS are:

  • Full features for 21CFR Part 11 compliant installation and operation.
  • Complete traceability of all operations (sampling, prep, analysis, review, approve, dispose) with complete audit trail, tie to reagents and instruments including scales, pipettes, analyzers, personnel, etc.
  • Complete metrology for all instrumentation integrated with results review/approval/status.
  • Full GMP/GLP tracking and enforcement.
  • Validation scripts and assistance.
  • Integrated, versioned document management for prep and analytical methods, sampling, instrument maintenance, SOP's, MSDS, captured documents, final reports, etc.
  • Corrective action tracking.
  • Personnel training and certification tracking and enforcement.
  • Comprehensive COC.
  • Comprehensive, controlled and flexible production of COA's to include supporting quality data where desired.
  • Patient/subject/clinical trials management.
  • Integrated stability study management.
  • Manual or fully automated control charting including Westgard rules with feedback and notification.
  • Full-featured laboratory QC batching with templates.
  • Complete instrument interfacing to traditional and clinical analyzers.
  • Manufacturing recipe and batch management including make, fill, package, store, ship with complete traceability to raw material and intermediate usage, inventory, etc.