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BlazeLIMS for Environmental Laboratories

Blaze Systems recognizes that in many ways environmental labs face unique technical and competetive challenges. BlazeLIMS comprehensively addresses these for a total LIMS solution, encompassing all NELAC requirments, and automating the entire laboratory system. BlazeLIMS is feature rich to excel in the large laboratory, and priced right for the smaller lab. Features that target environmental labs are summarized here. A detailed spec sheet is also available.

Sample Management

  • Positive ID at sample, container, and aliquot levels with barcodes, legal seals, multiple configurable identification fields
  • Scheduling and collecting runs including container prep, COC, managing composites
  • Receiving with condition checking at cooler, sample, container levels, and field results entry
  • Test allocation, routing and scheduling
  • Specification checking and handling with CAPA
  • Disposition, hazardous material features

ELN, Prep, Method Execution Support

  • Numerous tools to manage backlog and testing more efficiently, reduce dead time, never lose samples, track response time metrics, respond to complaints, etc.
  • Enforcing suitabiity (IDC,ODC), managing, certifying, & tracking of reagents, standards, equipment, personnel, environment, documents, holding times
  • ELN for all prep and analytical steps, including calculations, instructions, notes, dilutions, signatures
  • Multi step prep (extraction, cleanup, analytical, etc.)

QC Automation

  • QC templates, QC sample logging, and batch enforcement.
  • Complete set of QC types - multiple blanks, calibrations, standards, contols, negative controls, dups, spikes, etc.
  • Quality calculations of recoveries, errors, differences, R's, etc.
  • Control charts

Results Management

  • Multiple screens for optimized entry
  • Instrument interfacing
  • Instant feedback of violations

Specialized Reporting

  • Using standard open tools - Crystal Reports, Excel, Word
  • DMR's, EDD, operational, performance, QC, etc.

Contract Management

  • Proposals, estimates, contracts, pricing flexibility
  • Receive/log multiple sample collections
  • Life cycle management with approvals, reporting, etc. at the project, contract or submission levels
  • Invoicing and shipping