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BlazeLIMS for Electronics Industries

Laboratories for the Electronics industries may be in support of R&D and/or manufacturing. They are characterized by the need for flexible data organization/identification and effective mapping to the unit of manufacture/testing. Statistical methods of quality evaluation predominate. Early warning of off-aim performance is highly valuable. High quantities of data usually mandate automated data capture and statistical control. Comprehensive specification and recipe/sop management is necessary. Specialized imaging and image capture as well as the ability to track and bring closure to unusual events is necessary. Integration with MPR/ERP systems is often necessary.

BlazeLIMS improves performance in this mission via the following features:

  • Configurable sample identifiers for user friendly environment for any product mix.
  • Flexible data model to effectively capture data that maps well to unit of manufacture.
  • Embedded and automated statistical analysis and control technology.
  • Comprehensive "one vendor" support for instrument interfacing and automation for streamlined operation, covering the complete range of physical testing, sophisticated materials testing, and specialized testing, as well as the more traditional analyzers.
  • Full featured versioned image capture for results.
  • Flexible speedy automated notification to all quality stakeholders to insure rapid response to information, minimal waste, etc.
  • Comprehensive sample logging for manual, multiple sample, scheduled and externally triggered logging, grouped and managed by operating area.
  • Configurable sampling and testing strategies for optimal quality management including "skip lot", results carry forward, etc.
  • Workflow flexibility for optimal mix of worksheet, report and barcode label production, review, approval.
  • Full barcode support for positive sample identification and improved efficiency.
  • Seamless integration with Best-In-Class desktop productivity tools (Crystal Reports, NWA Quality Analyst, Microsoft Office) for high efficiency process analysis in the face of large quantities of data.
  • Document management of methods to support ISO certification.
  • Comprehensive specification management and use for manufacturing, product, customer and lot release specs.
  • Highly flexible and configurable report system including comprehensive features to support virtually any COA requirements with powerful delivery features.
  • Flexible event-driven, on-demand and scheduled reports delivered via Internet/intranet, file export or email.
  • Powerful lot release features to control manual and automatic release in various packaging environments.
  • Complete audit trails for trace ability.
  • Interfaces with other enterprise systems (SAP, IP21, PI, etc. for seamless information delivery).