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Because it is full featured, highly configurable, and integrated with open tools, customization is rarely required for BlazeLIMS. When required in order to more effectively meet the highly specialized need of a particular customer, it seldom requires a significant portion of project expenditures. Examples of customization that may be justified:

  • Specialized processes to be modeled and tracked by the LIMS as extended functionality.
  • Enforcement of specialized constraints that are required by other systems or policy.

Blaze Systems can provide customizations, where justified, in a cost effective fashion using:

  • Established industry standard software development methodology.
  • Fast track implementation that dovetails with conventional LIMS implementation.
  • Highly effective software development environment and high level framework and tools.
  • Highly skilled software developers conversant and experienced with the tools.
  • Hardware and software infrastructure to support incremental, defined, tracked changes.
  • Effective branch and merge source control capability that allows for inexpensive future upgrades to new releases of the core product.

The history of customization in the LIMS industry has left behind a conventional wisdom that all customization is a bad thing, driving up both initial costs and on-going support costs, often being necessary only to cover for inadequate core functionality. However, when effectively carried out with a proper life-cycle management methodology and tool set, customization can be a significant differentiator that improves competitive advantage and effectiveness of the enterprise. This is particularly true in the LIMS space, as LIMS tend to be at the heart of a company's critical functions.