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BlazeLIMS Features

BlazeLIMS not only performs the core LIMS functions of sample and results management in a superior fashion with countless time saving features, but furnishes the same kind of comprehensive automation to every element of laboratory operation. Key features are described here. A detailed spec sheet is also available and a feature comparison sheet.

Sample Management

  • Simple single or multi-sample manual or automatic login from schedules or other systems (ERP, order entry, etc.) using flexible templates and other time-saving strategies
  • Easy-to-use screen suitable for non-lab users
  • Numerous highly configurable sample identification fields provide ease of use and reduced training needs for users
  • Barcode labels for positive identification
  • Workflow automation features such as autologging, bar coding, auto-approval options, grouping activities and data by process area, etc. to optimize productivity and reduce errors.

ELN, Prep, Method Execution

  • Numerous tools to manage backlog and testing more efficiently, reduce dead time, never lose samples, track response time metrics, respond to complaints, etc.
  • Enforcing suitability, managing, certifying, & tracking of reagents, standards, equipment, personnel, environment, documents, holding times
  • ELN for all prep and analytical steps, including calculations, instructions, notes, dilutions, signatures
  • Specialized features such as stability, content uniformity, dissolution.

Results Management

  • Configurable multiple levels of approval with electronic signature and forced comments for sensitive industries/products.
  • Highly flexible and configurable method/testing/calculation capability to support highly varied sample type/testing mixes.
  • Instrument integration via BlazeLink to streamline throughput and labor and reduce errors.
  • Comprehensive versioned specification management for control and specification limits and for specifications at the sample type, customer, or testing request/project levels.
  • Instant visual and notification feedback of violations
  • Automated statistical control for both unknowns and laboratory QC using Shewart, Western Electric, Westgard, Cusum.

Enterprise Integration

  • Front-end integration with sample submission systems for automated sampling, testing and specification management.
  • Back-end integration with results delivery systems for automated publishing and minimum delays.

Specialized Reporting

  • Comprehensive, open and flexible COA facility that is fully configurable to the product and customer level including layout, content, units, significant digits, etc.
  • Streamlined delivery of event notification and results to end users via e-mail, fax, etc.

Regulatory Compliance

  • GxP features
  • Security via validated login
  • Electronic signature
  • Audit Trail for total traceability
  • 21CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Validation support

Decision Support

  • Configurable web-based dashboards for delivery of real-time laboratory analytics to enterprise and laboratory decision-makers.
  • Streamlined delivery of data to desktop productivity tools (Excel, Word, Project, etc.) for enhanced analysis and faster response to process problems.
  • Versioned control of SOP documents, specifications, analytical documents, maintenance procedures, etc. for standards compliance (GLP, ISO, etc.).
  • Structured and ad-hoc query