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In the lifetime of a LIMS system, many occasions arise in which LIMS datasets must be migrated from one database to another.  One particular example involves GxP validated systems in which configuration data is first entered into a development system for testing, then into a validation system, and then into a production system.  This cycle can repeat throughout the lifetime of the LIMS as new functions are needed to satisfy business requirements.  Normally, the only choice available involves a tedious and error prone manual re-entry of the data.  BlazeDataMover automates that process and virtually eliminates the labor and error rates involved.

The BlazeDataMover Module provides an easy-to-use automated process for exporting datasets into a neutral (XML) format and importing them into other databases.


  • Major labor savings for high-demand personnel by eliminating tedious manual re-entry.
  • Reduced errors and oversights via dictionary driven automated process.
  • Validatable process for GxP systems.
  • Enables practical addition/modification of functions for validated systems throughout their life cycle without a costly total re-validation.
  • A typical task that would require days of tedious effort and involve thousands of data entries is reduced to a single simple request that is completed without errors.


  • Dictionary driven dataset export to platform and database neutral, self descriptive format (XML) for complete field and parent-child coverage with one simple request.
  • Dictionary driven dataset import for proper merging and primary and foreign key value assignment.
  • Neutral, readable, editable intermediate format (XML).
  • Table and record selection by filter, including wildcards, to determine export and import datasets.
  • Command line or interactive process for export or import.
  • Import supports full Create/Update model, including all primary key resolution, parent child consistency, reference table integrity, etc.
  • Supports both configuration and history (e.g. sample) data.
  • Tool validation scripts available.


A new or modified set of sample types (product) have been configured and tested in a test database.  These must be moved to a validation database.

BlazeDataMover Workflow

The specific table is requested for export by name (e.g. Sample Type) with the use of a filter to isolate the new or changed records. The request may be by command line or interactive screen interface. Each selected record is converted to system neutral, self descriptive format (XML) using the system dictionary, including all of its child records and other table references.  Thus a complete self contained data set is produced and exported including all associated methods to run and test results to record.  This kind of export might well contain hundreds of data records based on a single command.

BlazeDataMover Data Set

The export file may then be loaded into another system by file name and an optional filter.  Requests may be by command line or interactive screen interface.  The load process melds the import data into the existing database, providing consistent primary key numbering, assuring referential integrity with reference tables and a complete and accurate translation of all data by using the system dictionary.