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Analytical Services

Analytical services laboratories are characterized by sampling and work mix that are both routine and predictable as well as ad-hoc and on demand. In addition they emphasize optimizing the responsiveness and accuracy of the complete analytical services supply chain, including quotation, order taking, testing execution, results delivery, invoicing and customer service. The business climate is usually highly competitive and market differentiation is vital to success.

BlazeLIMS improves performance in this mission via the following features:

  • Web or Windows thin client facility for remote request submission by customers to improve response time and accuracy.
  • Multi-sample automatic and manual logging features to improve response time and accuracy.
  • Flexibility in configuring for specialized sample identification to meet each customer's need.
  • Workflow automation features such as auto logging, bar coding, auto-approval options, grouping activities and data by process area, etc. to optimize productivity and reduce errors.
  • Configurable multiple levels of approval with electronic signature and forced comments for sensitive industries/products.
  • Highly flexible and configurable method/testing/calculation capability to support highly varied product/testing mixes.
  • Instrument integration via BlazeLink to streamline throughput and reduce errors.
  • Numerous tools to manage backlog and testing more efficiently, reduce dead time, never lose samples, track response time metrics, respond to complaints, etc.
  • Comprehensive, open and flexible COA/final report facility that is fully configurable to the product and customer level including layout, content, units, significant digits, etc. Also provides high productivity environment for producing customized and personalized final reporting.
  • Automated statistical control to provide valued added quality reporting.
  • Streamlined delivery of event notification and results to end users via web access, e-mail, fax, etc.
  • Versioned control of SOP documents, specifications, analytical documents, maintenance procedures, etc. for standards compliance (GLP, ISO, etc.). A significant enabler to certification for differentiation.
  • Complete traceably and audit trails to insure accountability and auditability (21 CFR, GLP, etc.)
  • Specialized features such as stability, content uniformity, dissolution as possible area to differentiate offerings.