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Acquisition Methodology

Acquiring the LIMS that is right for your laboratory can be difficult and expensive, especially when your staff is already employed full-time running your laboratory. Respondents to a recent LinkedIn survey gave three major reasons why they were not automating with a LIMS:

  • LIMS acquisition is too costly and time consuming.
  • Risks of no real payoff and project failure are not acceptable.
  • Getting started is difficult


Blaze Systems Iterative Engagement Process

Blaze Systems offers an acquisition engagement process that addresses these barriers with a breakthrough change. The Blaze Systems engagement process is characterized by:

  • Significantly lower overall acquisition costs and time demands.
  • Iterative configured demos, prototypes and a free trial which drive out risk and assure you that what you see is real and it is what you will eventually get, and that it will work for you as expected.
  • Low up front costs and an easy way to get started.
  • Highly suited to acquisition of complex COTS software systems.
  • Does not short circuit due diligence or achieving a best buy, but rather ensures them.

BlazeLIMS Iterative Acquisition


Compare this with the traditional "Waterfall" process in terms of the barriers and challenges you would face.

Traditional "Waterfall" LIMS Acquisition

This approach is widely promoted as an antidote for the traditionally high rate of LIMS project failures, but is not a good match for acquiring complex COTS software like LIMS, especially where resources are already taxed.

  • Demands a high up-front investment of time and/or money.
  • Leads to high project rejection rate.
  • Change orders and disappointing results are common.

Traditional LIMS Waterfall Acquisition