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BlazeLIMS For Small Labs /Enterprises

It is a matter of fact that most labs are small businesses or small entities within a larger business. Nevertheless, the LIMS requirments for a small lab are no less comprehensive than for the larger lab, as the processes they employ are far more alike than they are different. BlazeLIMS is ideally suited to the smaller lab, as it meets the requirements of both large and small labs of all types. However, more than 80% of small labs continue to rely on manual data management methods. Respondents to a recent LinkedIn survey gave three major reasons why they were not automating with a LIMS:

  • LIMS acquisition is too costly and time consuming.
  • Risks of no real payoff and project failure are not acceptable.
  • Getting started is difficult.

BlazeLIMS removes these barriers in a variety of ways.

Low Cost/Time Required For Acquisition

  • BlazeLIMS offers a low cost and reliable acquisition methodology that requires minimal time from customer staff.
  • Costly consultants or time-consuming development of massive specifications are unnecessary when purchasing a mature COTS system that can be prototyped via configuration, comprehensively demonstrated, and has a free trial available.
  • This process does not short circuit due diligence or achieving a best buy, but rather ensures them in a far more efficient way.

Low Risk Demonstration of Payoff

  • Acquisition process provides for development and demonstration of true cost and benefits before purchase.
  • Provides early determination of project viability.
  • Comprehensive features insure broad range of benefits, both tangible and intangible.

Efficient Implementation

  • BlazeLIMS implementation methodology is tuned to the requriements of the lab for an efficient process with minimal staffing requirments.
  • Easy to train and use.
  • Requires minimal IT staff for implementation.
  • Superior hotline insures efficient configuration.
  • Powerful tools to bulk load configuraion and legacy data, leveraging off existing data in elecronic form.

Minimal IT Requirements

  • BlazeLIMS implementation and use requires minimal IT staff, a common resource limitation in small laboratories.
  • BlazeLIMS fits well into common IT environments with minimal difficulty.
  • BlazeLIMS runs reliably with infrequent need for IT support.
  • BlazeLIMS has comprehensive logs and tracing capabilty to quickly troubleshoot and find the root cause and cure for problems that arise.

Installed Base of Small Labs

  • Blaze Systems has a small business ethos and we are an excellent match for a joint engagement with a small laboratory.
  • BlazeLIMS has gained the trust of many small laboratories where acquisition, implementation and operation have been accomplished with limited resources.