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BlazeLIMS For Large Labs / Enterprises

BlazeLIMS is ideally suited for the large laboratory or enterprise where a reliable, responsive, comprehensive and cost effective solution is required. Labs of every size share most general LIMS requirements. In addition, BlazeLIMS meets the many requirements of particular importance to larger labs.



Availability / Reliability

  • Superior concurrency/shareability with no lock-ups
  • Data / database design insures long term performance as database record counts (samples, tests, results) grow to millions and even billions
  • Outstanding track record of continuous up-time and no failures
  • Support is fast, personal and always available
  • Inactivity timeouts and monitors to control concurrent user counts for lower costs.
  • Rich set of trace/diagnostic tools to quickly troubleshoot and resolve problems on-line.

Size and Distribution

  • Highly scaleable via thin client architecture (10-100 concurrent users is typical)
  • Reliably distributable across global networks while supported on single server
  • Security features assure management and control of large distributed user base
  • All data maintained on server for support / backup
  • Supports database replication for multi-site decision support (data warehouse) and leveraged configuration, with local transaction processing for performance.

Enterprise Integration

  • Superior functional integration within the LIMS and features to integrate with other enterprise applications
  • Configurable interfaces to SAP, other ERP, Orders/Invoices, Instruments, Document Management, MES (Manufacturing Execution), MMS (Maintenance Management), SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and more.
  • One-vendor source for integration solutions

COTS Feature Set - No Customization

  • Rich set of COTS features typically required by larger laboratories.
  • No customization insures low risk, low lifetime costs.
  • Powerful configuration of terms, screens, etc. for ease of operation and training of a large number of users.

Installed Base of Fortune 100 Enterprises

  • BlazeLIMS has gained the trust of many large enterprises where it is a necessary and integral part of business success, and provides a competitive edge as a better integrated, more deeply functional quality system, routinely delivering quality improvements.