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BlazeStatistical Control

Statistical control is a methodology for controlling the value of a variable in the presence of random variability (noise) in the process or measurement.  It can be employed in any situation where there is a product or process property, or a laboratory standard that needs to be kept on aim. The BlazeLIMS Statistical Control Module provides:

  • Automatic unattended control charting.
  • Shewart, Westgard, Western Electric or Cusum rules.
  • Automatic detection and notification of warnings or errors.
  • Corrective action advisories.
  • Display of control charts via Excel or Northwest Quality Analyst
  • Complete historical log of values and events.
  • Corrective action record.
  • Flexible configuration and rich set of algorithms and rules to select.
  • Configurable to handle complex hierarchies of measurement/process dependencies.

Taken together these features provide rapid feedback of true deviations from aim which translates into faster and more effective corrective action for reduced waste, higher product quality and less rework.

The BlazeStatisticalControl module puts the laboratory "on-line" to improve enterprise performance.